ANPPCAN Ethiopia works in Partnership with governmental and non-governmental organizations.
Organizational Structure and Human Resource
ANPPCAN-Ethiopia is governed by a General Assembly and an Executive Committee of 7 members. The Secretariat is headed by an Executive Director and has two major sections namely the Administration and Finance Unit, and the Program Unit. The Director is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the organization assisted by program officers. ANPPCAN has 89 multi-disciplinary staff.
ANPPCAN-Ethiopia is a membership organization which welcomes individuals as well as organizations supporting its objectives. It has over 150 members from different professional backgrounds including: lawyers, psychologists, sociologists, pediatricians, nurses, educators, journalists, artists and other professionals.
Benefit of Member
- Participate in the meetings of General Assembly of Members - Elect members of the Management Board - Receive a copy of the bi-annual Newsletter of the Organization and other publications - Contribute to the realization of the objectives of the Organizaiton
Do you want to be a member?
An Individual willing to become a member has to fill the membership form below and make and annual membership contribution of 50 Birr. The payment can be made either directly to the head office of ANPPCAN-Ethiopia in Addis Ababa or its project offices in Gondar, Woldia and Fitche or through the organization bank account:

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